I am a science writer for the University of Wisconsin - Madison, where I help to tell the stories driven by the world-class research coming out of this great school. 

I graduated with a Ph.D. in plant biology, where I conducted research in the Haswell lab at Washington University in St. Louis. I studied how pollen survives its arduous journey from the male to the female flower. I was the 2015 ASPB/AAAS Mass Media Fellow at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, where I helped bear witness to the mysterious decline of an endangered butterfly, uncovered the physics of illegal baseball pitches, and shared the story of a man saved from 30 years of disruptive seizures by laser brain surgery. You can find my reporting and other science communication work in the Clips and Multimedia sections. 

I am also a passionate science communicator, bringing science outside the university walls to the public that funds our work. I was an assistant organizer for Science on Tap, WUSTL's science cafe seminar series. I have written and given original presentations on plant science to gardening groups and science centers. Working within and outside the university, I am an advocate for better communication training for scientists so that all researchers are equipped with the skills necessary to share their work.

I can be reached by email at hamiltonerics@gmail.com or on Twitter @hamiltonerics