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The unofficial lottery

Madison's pull tabs aren't what they seem. You might think you're buying a lottery piece, but you're actually picking up a game piece for the 1990s fad Pogs.

Morning routine

Bob Landis calls out "Good morning!" to everybody he sees on his morning run, a greeting that is rote and unthinking, but also the nicest interaction on a crowded commuter path.

On Wisconsin

The pregnancy puzzle

Dan Levitis and his wife lost two pregnancies to miscarriages. So Dan decided to get to the bottom what makes losses like his family's so common.


University of Wisconsin–Madison

In words and glass, collaboration unlocks birth of modern chemistry

A historian of science and a scientific glassblower collaborate to discover the origins of chemical glassblowing.

D-Day invasion was bolstered by UW–Madison penicillin project

Longtime botany greenhouse director Mo Fayyaz to retire

UW researchers discover an evolutionary stepping stone to beet-red beets

Millions of years ago, the ancestors of beets developed a brand new red the world had never seen. The key? A little bit of biochemical flexibility.

UW Arboretum workshop tracks endangered bees with photos

New book gives personal account of pioneering Yellowstone research

From test tube to plate, UW–Madison program keeps potatoes clean

Aldo Leopold’s words once again broadcast to the state

Pregnancy loss and evolution of sex linked by cellular line dance

Personal pregnancy loss led a researcher to study whether other organisms face the same struggle his family did

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Physics explains the notorious spitball

In the wake of recent ejections of pitchers for using "foreign substances," why umpires are always on the lookout for the outlawed spitball — and how the illegal pitch works

Spectacular Perseids meteor shower competes with excessive lights 

How light pollution spoils astronomical events and how municipal codes and protected lands can preserve a dark night sky as a resource

30 years of severe seizures ended by surgery

New laser ablation surgery calms debilitating seizures caused by a previously inoperable tumor

Lake Michigan water levels rapidly rise after record lows 

After years at lower-than-average levels, Lake Michigan waters are buoyed by cooler temperatures and precipitation

Scientists chase elusive Poweshiek skipperling butterfly

Conservationists bear witness to the mysterious decline of an endangered butterfly

Merging art, science, lakefront fireworks bring chemistry to life

The brilliant colors and booming sounds of Fourth of July fireworks are the result of harnessing centuries-old chemistry

UW researcher's X-ray project helps map skeleton of galaxy

31,000-year-old X-rays help researchers triangulate a mysterious neutron star hidden in the dust of the Milky Way

Are allergy problems worse this year? No--but yes

Allergy seasons ebb and flow, but longer ragweed-flowering seasons are bad news for sufferers

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Scientists discover how plants tailor growth to the seasons

A "molecular memory" of light exposure helps plants track the sun in the short days of winter

Controlling light: New protection for photosynthetic organisms

Farming amoebae carry around detoxifying food

Five-cent chemistry: Replacing noble metals with nickel

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Our 2015 ASPB/AAAS Mass Media Fellow Reports Back From a Summer of Science Journalism

Communicating plant biology